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Fostering a spirit of collective ingenuity

We are a community of problem solvers and creative thinkers whose work is underscored by teamwork and trust. Our success is driven by a uniquely collaborative culture, full of passionate people who care about delivering long-lasting value and achieving sustainable growth for our community.

Ghada Philip ElRassi

Founder and Board Member
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Ghada is an industry-recognized, board-level business leader in the business development sector. She has a proven achievements of successfully designing and implementing commercial strategies focused on problem-solving and developing business processes for her clients. Currently serving as a Chief Business Development Officer and Board Member for Sardinia Healthcare and Research Properties, Ghada is also a Board Member at EZ2Business Consultancy. Ghada brings more than two decades of technology industry leadership and executive management experience. She has a strong strategic approach and vision; she is an initiator of innovation with a firm determination to bring solutions and services to market.

As a transformational leader with a strong background in change management, Ghada inspires a proactive, results-driven and solution-oriented culture. Her intuitive communication skills and proven people management skills enable her to manage performance and motivate staff on an individual and team level. She joined MEEZA, Qatar’s prominent end-to-end managed IT services & solutions provider, in 2008 to build and develop the company’s foundations. In various senior executive and advisory roles, Ghada has leveraged her specialized business and technical experience to help build and sustain MEEZA’s well-structured, agile and dynamic environment with clear guidelines and procedures.

Under her leadership, MEEZA successfully launched its world-class data centres, as well as a full range of managed IT services. She also set the foundations of smart city ICT operations at Msheireb Downtown Doha, Qatar’s pioneering smart city and world’s first sustainable downtown regeneration project. She implemented innumerable successful programs and executed high-level initiatives, as well as played a vital role in the development of MEEZA’s strategy. Prior to joining MEEZA, Ghada had ten years’ experience in the Oil & Gas sector in Qatar. She gained extensive knowledge in her roles at RasGas, Qatar Petroleum and Ras Laffan Liquified Gas Company. She was a key player in countless high-profile expansion projects and played a crucial role in the operational activities of the energy components and supply chain optimization. Ghada holds a master’s degree in Science in Information Systems Management from the University of Liverpool, UK. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Computer Science from The Saint Joseph University in Lebanon. Her additional professional qualifications include certificates from both Harvard Business School and INSEAD universities.

Ziad Claude Khalil

Managing Director
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An initiator of innovation with a firm determination to integrate automation, Ziad offers top-notch technical IT advice with a specific focus on robotics, artificial intelligence, big data, and cyber security systems. He masterfully combines his passion for elevating the living standards of disadvantaged communities with his technical skills and experience in building artificial intelligence through robots and kits to make the activities of all individuals safer and easier.

Ziad has vast knowledge of security across a variety of operating systems, computer systems, mobile devices, cloud networks, and wireless networks. His vigilance and detail-orientation along with his drive to keep up to date on advances in the field enable him to master cyber security systems.

Ziad is flexible in his approach without compromising on the quality of the work. His ability to swiftly embrace change and adapt to new circumstances coupled with problem-solving skills make him an asset in every project he works on. Having a keen eye for monetization opportunities, Ziad’s AI projects primarily focus on eliminating repetitive activities while adhering to ethical standards.

Born and raised in Lebanon, Ziad holds a bachelor’s degree from Indiana States University, U.S.A in Computer Engineering Technology and is expected to obtain his master’s degree from DeVry University, USA in Networking and Comms Management by end of 2021.

Vicky Brannon

Business Development and Improvement Director
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With 29 years of international experience, Vicky is a seasoned professional who has worked with diverse management levels across various fields. Her expertise includes 15 years of business development and improvement in the IT sector as well as board-level leadership.

Vicky takes a holistic approach to planning and implementation, collaborating with cross-functional teams, third-party vendors, and partners to leadership guidance through all phases of company development, from inception to operations. Her focus areas encompass various aspects, including research, strategic planning and development, corporate and departmental development, risk assessment, budget planning and compliance, as well as policy and procedure development. Vicky’s leadership style includes ongoing management that transforms and supports business goals and process improvement.

Vicky’s wealth of experience and time-honored wisdom ensures that corporate business requirements are met while driving best practices and advanced solutions to keep companies focused on achieving excellence and success.

Vicky was born and raised in the United States and her Degree in Accounting combined with her extensive experience in the Middle East has equipped her with a comprehensive set of management skills that cover all facets of increasing productivity for businesses and delivering bottom-line profitability, particularly during periods of high growth and change.

Pınar Darende

Media and Communication Expert
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Pinar is a strategic planner and writer bringing tactical creativity to her, 360-degree marketing and communication advice. She has been consulting in Qatar since 2016, serving government, semi-government and private sector. Pinar expertly combines public relations and digital marketing strategies implements them across multiple channels. She

maintains a sophisticated understanding of current affairs and is immersed in the client’s sector, brand, competition, technical and international trends, and shares good practice with audiences. She endorses a culture in which individuals and teams take responsibility for the continuous improvement of business processes and personal skills,behavior, and contribution.

Pınar has extensive experience, on both the brand and agency sides, developing and implementing integrated marketing communication programs. She began her career in 2009 in digital and social media management roles in pharmaceutical and telecom industries. working for Merck Sharp & Dohme and Vodafone in Turkey, . She then , joined WPP, the largest media group in the world,where she gained vast expertise in traditional and digital marketing dynamics,serving clients from various industries such as automotive, banking, real estate, travel, food and beverage, hospitality, entertainment and retail.

Since moved to Qatar in 2016, Pinar has worked at senior roles in Ogilvy and Havas communication agencies and managed multinational teams across borders. . She has collaborated with , front and back end developers, digital and conventional media designers, media buyers, copywriters, public relations specialists, and social media managers.

Pinar was born and raised in Turkey and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Koç University, Istanbul, and an expert certificate Social Media Management from Kadir Has University, Istanbul.